Delhi Airport Taxi Service


In order to transfer to New Delhi, bear in mind that despite being at just 15 kilometres from the city centre, transferring times may be higher due to traffic conditions, which may take from 30 up to 45 minutes.

According to users, it will be better to take a prepaid taxi at the airport, even some car drivers rude attitude made them choose private transfer companies instead.

If you are a lone female traveller, please take extra care while going anywhere alone by taxi, since security it is not guaranteed.



In order to avoid scams, it is advisable once your arrival at Delhi Airport to take a taxi at the counter located within the airport premises. By doing this, you’ll make sure you won’t be ripped off. You may be also victim of other reported scams such as the exchange scam, so don’t let your guard down.

Our recommendation is to note down the taxi counter and police number and threat the driver to call the police if there is something wrong going on.

To avoid all these messy situation, better to ask your hotel to arrange a transfer from Delhi Airport.



Cabs can be found outside Terminal 1 Arrivals and Terminal 2 both Domestic and International Arrivals.



At Delhi Airport, the following taxi companies

  • Meru Cabs: +91 4422 4422.
  • Mega Cabs: +91 41414141
  • Delhi Airport Taxi Services: +91 95556 64764


Opening hours: 24 hours.

All cabs are equipped with:
- A/C
- Digital Cab Meters
- Credit Card or Cash payments



Taxi fares to New Delhi vary depending on the kilometers to your destination. The fare is INR 20.00 – 25.00 per kilometer. 


Shared Rides

Shared ride service is available to those who wish to share a ride and pay a flat rate to certain destinations if multiple parties are available for the trip. Apps such as Uber and the local app Ola may be useful to do so.  

Please take into account that from Terminal 1 and 2 to anywhere: There is an entry fee of INR 150.00.